Astrology/Spirituality for Healing

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Meagan O.
Monday, Jun 24, 2024 | 12:00pm - 12:45pm EDT
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POSTPONED FROM 6-17: so sorry guys! My son had an early dismissal due to a hear advisory! I will do a makeup next Monday! If anyone needs to talk please feel free to chat me :) Welcome to our support group dedicated to exploring mindfulness tools such as astrology and tarot in the journey of recovery. As someone who has been on the path of opioid addiction recovery for five years, I understand the importance of seeking alternative methods to traditional approaches. In this group, we aim to create a nurturing environment where individuals can harness the transformative power of astrology and tarot as tools for self-awareness and healing. Contrary to common misconceptions, astrology and tarot are not solely instruments of divination and psychic exploration; they serve as profound mindfulness tools that facilitate deeper insights into our personal narratives and the world around us. As a mother, peer counselor, artist, and avid learner in astrology, I found solace and enlightenment through these practices during my own recovery journey. By sharing my experience, I aspire to empower others in our group to embark on a similar path of self-discovery and healing. Through interactive demonstrations and discussions, we will explore how astrology and tarot can be utilized as transformative tools in the process of recovery, fostering a greater understanding of oneself and the life experiences that have shaped us. Together, let us embark on a journey of self-reflection, growth, and empowerment.

About the host
I am a mom of one, a peer counselor and advocate, and a person in long-term recovery. I live with my little one and husband of over 20 years. I am currently in school to gain my CASAC & MSW. I love working with other moms in recovery, and couples. In my free time I like to go on forest walks, read, journal, paint, and travel with my family.
Motivation for help
I struggled for over 7 years with going in and out of active addiction. I would "get clean" for periods and assume I was okay, but it never worked for long. It wasn't until I connected with other people in recovery, and gained real support, that I was able to recognize that substance use disorder is a lifelong thing that requires maintenance and consistency. I would never have been able to get where I am without the support of my peers, others in recovery, listening to me and giving me their guidance through experience and empathy. I want to be able to contribute in the same way.
Recent reviews
Love this group! She includes everyone and never rushes you. I’ve felt comfortable speaking up and sharing since the first meeting with her and that is very unusual for me
Jul 01, 2024
10/10 every single meeting. Thanks for sharing such inspiring insights. Having your support and encouragement is invaluable❤️‍🔥
Jul 01, 2024
Metaling is an amazing group leader! I highly recommend attending her groups for those who are truly here to learn the skills and tools necessary to be the best version of yourself. Thanks Meagalin~you rock!😇🥰
Jun 03, 2024
Awesome! Loving this and see so many ways the tools I’m learning about can help me explore within and hopefully grow into my best spiritually. I believe this will have positive impacts on my mental health and am excited to continue on this journey with Maegalin
Jun 03, 2024
Meagalin was so great, she really created a safe and welcoming space where members were able to open up. I felt opening up through the chat. I definitely would love to go to other sessions led by her in the future.
Jun 03, 2024
Honestly I didn't really get any takeaways from that
Jun 03, 2024
This is an amazing space, and I appreciate Meagalin’s willingness to share experiences of how divinatory practices within the discipline of astrology have helped to strengthen her own recovery walk. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. Those of us willing to learn as much as possible in order for us to gain and maintain more control over our own wellbeing and improve our quality of life truly appreciate you 😇🙏🏽🌺🌸🥰
May 20, 2024
Amazing! So incredibly insightful!
May 20, 2024
Today's meeting felt really warm, welcoming and incredibly supportive. Every good group is such because of amazing group leaders
Apr 29, 2024
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