Vanessa W.

Certified Peer Supporter

Accepting New Connections

Hi, my name is Vanessa. We are all on a journey that can take us wherever we choose to go. Together we can break free of old wounds and past hurts. Together, we can learn to move forward by shedding the past and stepping into our future. The possibilities are endless!

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About Vanessa Williams


I have worked as a Certified Peer Supporter for over 12 years. I have broken the chains of addiction, serious mental illness, suicide attempts, lack of self-confidence and self-worth! The trauma from our families, institutions, and relationships can hold us back from living the lives we want instead of accepting whatever is handed to us. WE hold the power and it lives in our stories - our journey! Join me on this journey of mindfulness and authenticity!


My Recovery Story

I found recovery through being a peer supporter. Recovery is a strong part of my life and I do what I can to maintain my self-care strategies so I can continue to grow and learn.

My Motivation To Help

I have a strong desire to help people find their purpose and achieve their dreams. I understand the importance of giving space to work through trauma and suicidal thoughts.

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Moving from STUCK to UNSTUCK