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Accepting New Connections

I am glad you have found us and are taking courageous steps! I have been a peer support professional for several years, working with diverse Behavioral Health issues and especially Justice Involved individuals. I have taken my own journey of recovery and finding purpose apart from pain. I hope to see you in the meetings & chats! I offer several groups throughout the week as well as peer to peer wellness coaching and Individual Peer Sessions. WELCOME TO HEY PEERS!

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About Adam Larkin


Hello! I’m Adam, I am a nureodivergent individual in long term recovery from chaotic substance use. Bipolar 1 and C-PTSD are companions on my journey, teaching me resilience in ways I never imagined. For the past 24 years, I’ve also supported my child with ASD, a role that has shaped me as much as it has challenged me. My tapestry of experiences is rich with the threads of survival - from childhood sexual abuse to overcoming the shadows of domestic violence, braving homelessness, and navigating the intricate maze of the criminal justice system for over two decades. Professionally, I wear many hats, each representing milestones in my journey. I'm a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, a navigator in the realms of Whole Health Action Management (WHAM), and an adept hand in Advanced Crisis Intervention. I hold international certification in Peer Recovery, Community Health, and coaching as a part of my commitment to fostering wellness and recovery for those who need it. With specialized training in Men’s Trauma and support for individuals and families entangled with the criminal justice system, I offer to come along side you in your journey, with shared experience, strength, hope and support. Yet,that all pales next to standing here in this space today to share my eperience of survival and life beyond that. It's the foundation of the heart of my peer support work since 2016. Whether it’s within the community behavioral health ecosystem, the intersections of the criminal justice and courts systems, in-patient settings, or the broader community health landscape, I've been there, supporting others with empathy and understanding. With eight years delving into Forensic Treatment Interventions like specialty treatment courts and assertive community treatment, I’ve honed my expertise in guiding others through their recovery journeys. I understand, deeply and personally, the hurdles of re-entering the world following both hospitolization and incarceration. It’s through these varied experiences that I’ve learned the true value of resilience, compassion, and the power of shared stories in healing and recovery.


My Recovery Story

I have learned a lot from the help I have received, my work with others, and my study of behavioral health, wellness, and human development. Like everyone, I experience some ups and downs in my life but I have learned how to effectively deal with most problems and issues. Hopeful for today and grateful for tomorrow!

My Motivation To Help

I have been helped and supported by so many others. I view it as a privilege to work with others on their life's journeys. I am especially dedicated to working with people in groups where we can be reminded that we are not alone and that our challenges are not entirely unique even though we sometimes struggle and feel alone. You are not alone!

My Chatrooms

Supporting a Partner with Mood Disorders

Members: 225

Support chat for individuals who live with or support a loved one living with Mood Disorders

Codependency Peer Support with Adam

Members: 143

This chat is open to any and all who are looking for information, encouragement and support for codependency issues.


My Services

1:1 Peer Mentoring - Personalized Path to Recovery
Individual Session
Peer 2 Peer Wellness Coaching
This session is designed specifically to tackle goal planning and attainment in your personal recovery.

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