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Hi there, my name is Claudia and I am passionate about helping others.


About Claudia Smarkola


I have been a certified peer for nearly 10 years. I have a Ph.D. in Psychology. I am also a Shamanic Healer. I love to help people psychologically and spiritually. My own mental health issues motivated me to seek personal help and to become a life-long learner in finding tools and techniques for people's well-being. Although I have quite a few credentials most of my learning has come from my own personal experiences in trying to maneuver through life's difficulties. I experience deep agony from my traumas but still have found the strength to forge ahead and do the best I can to help myself and others. Trying to find answers for my deep personal problems I educated myself in getting a doctorate in Psychology. As I went into the deepest darkest corners of my existence I learned how to go past my own psychology and work on the soul level and became a spiritual shamanic healer. As a shamanic healer I am able to channel spirits to help people find their soul's purpose. I am able to act as a medium to help heal people and their family whether living or dead. Combining my peer, psychological and spiritual healing abilities I am able to work with people on their deepest issues.


My Recovery Story

My mental illness got so bad for me I turned to alcohol to stop the pain and became an alcoholic. I lost my job, my house, and myself. I was in an abyss of darkness and couldn't find my way out. I went back home to live with my parents and to find myself and get on social security disability. After spending about 5 years of living in my bedroom at my parents’ house I was able to slowly to become a little more social. After 10 years, I now live in my own home and socialize with friends. Through much medication, therapy and shamanic healing, I am able to work part-time doing what I love functioning as a peer, coach, and shamanic healer.

My Motivation To Help

My own personal traumas provide my motivation to help myself and others with their problems. I now see I had a latent desire to help others but didn't find this passion until I was in my mid 30's. As I grow and evolve throughout life I am able to bring more healing to others.

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