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I am a fellow peer who has struggled with mental illness, Eating disorder, weight management, addiction, PTSD, and domestic violence. I have been in recovery for 13 years and know that having experienced life can be a valuable tool. Working at self-care in any form is hard, and we all deserve to love ourselves. I have struggled with intense emotions that destroyed many positive things in my life. I have worked to better myself and develop the tools to continue to improve in life. I became a peer support specialist to use my experience to help others develop their own tools. I am not textbook in what I do, and I believe that everyone is unique and should never be put in a box. Each journey is different with some similar scences. Please join me in any of my groups or individual sessions to see if I would be a good fit to help you in your journey.


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My Chatrooms

Left Handed Thinking

Members: 22

Please contact me if you would like to learn how to become ambidextrous in your thinking.

Eating Disorder Recovery

Members: 42

This group chat is for those who are in recovery from an eating disorder and their families. I am here to provide lived experience and encouragement to all who are on this journey.

STOP Smoking in 2021

Members: 11

Change your life in 2021. Quit smoking and find out how you can have more energy and live a fulfilling life. I will be holing 8-week sessions to help people quit smoking. Please join this group and add me as a contact I will be providing information on dates in the next few weeks.

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