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“Knowledge brings clarity, and clarity bring power.”

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About Tricia Sampson


I provide advocacy and support to every single person that may be disadvantaged, underprivileged or rejected by their unique qualities. I am known as "Spiritual Life Coach, Advocate, Platform Developer, Overseer, Leader, Kingdom Cultivator, Motivator, Visionary, Mentor, Kingdom Strategists and Inspirational Speakers" among other giftings, brings EDIFICATION, STRENGTH and RESTORATION and HOPE to communities globally to succeed. Real...raw... and honest dialogue... about seldom discussed topics. bring tissues as you may cry or laugh hysterically with every shared anecdotal story. You will leave with a weight lifted and the message of hope, forgiveness and acceptance. You are no longer alone I can speak on many subjects such as motivating women’s self-esteem, abusive relationships, incest and abuse, marriage restoration or divorce due to physical and or mental abuse, and various Christian topics. Yes..I made it through.


My Recovery Story

I believes through all of my experiences, our past traumas does not define who we are or dictate our destiny. Through the path of God, I continues to illuminate others through my generous love and warm heart.

My Motivation To Help

I am here to help. I am here to empower, to change mindset, to a more positive way of thinking, help achieve goals, with confidence and to find that driven purpose from life's pain. I often engage my audiences to participate during motivational speaking to ensure that they are personal and intimate.

My Chatrooms

Caregiver Daily Check in/Dementia Awareness

Members: 1

Sharing your caregiver's journey.

Going through life without hope or a purpose: Support.

Members: 37

The Vagabond Spirit is a restless spirit which is destined forever to “wander” searching for a home. It is a spirit without plan, purpose or destination. Home is always somewhere where the VAGABOND is NOT. The VAGABOND mindset is firmly entrenched and embedded in the soul of the WANDERER. There is no place of spiritual rest for the VAGABOND.

Sibling rivalry: Support

Members: 3

Adult sibling rivalry is jealousy, competition and fighting between brothers and sisters.

Trauma and Triggers Behind Addictions: Support

Members: 13

When talking about addiction and recovery, triggers are people, places, situations, and things that make you want to use your drug of choice. Everyone with a past has been triggered by something. Triggers are reminders of events, people, and places that bring back certain feelings.


My Services

One on One Support - Sibling Rivalry & Family Dynamics
Not feeling safe within your own family…
One on One Support - Grieving A Traumatic Death
Manner of death, unfair and unjust.

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