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Hi there, my name is Liliana and I believe being heard and understood is crucial for emotional wellness and self-regulation. let's chat ;)

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About Liliana Penaranda


My name is Liliana, I became a Certified Peer Specialist as a natural outcome of investing 1000s of hours encouraging and helping others since 2014. Through my experience, recovering from PTSD, Depression, Codependency, Child abuse, love addiction, Maladaptive daydreaming , Domestic Violence and trauma, I embarked on a self improvement journey that led to inner healing, personal development and professional growth. My wellness journey is my testimony.


My Recovery Story

I have overcome past trauma, PTSD, chronic pain, addiction and have been in remission from clinical depression since 2006

My Motivation To Help

it is my true desire to help others find healing through my experience, strength, hope and encouragement.

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Codependency and Relationships