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Hello all, Angel here. Eager to aid you along the way. With passion in a judgement free safe zone.

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About Angel Fuller


Hello all. My name is Angel. I am absolutely grateful to be in recovery and able to aid others along their journey. I am a mother of two, and work diligently to provide my children a childhood free from a suffering mother. In my humble opinion substance use disorder and mental health conditions are best served with a mind, body and spirit approach. I believe that ensuring that all social and emotional needs should be met in order to garner the best outcomes. I not only focus on what brought you here, but what can be done to better your circumstances as a whole, housing, food insecurity, employment, socialization etc. I am a Certified Peer Support, as well have a degree in Human Services, while completing my Psychology and Social Work degree with a concentration in Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder. As an individual who suffered and is in recovery for cooccurring substance uses and mental health I strive to meet each person where they are and grow with them.


My Recovery Story

On recovery for 10+ years. With a degree in Human Services, currently full time student. Experienced in in-person peer support as well as 10 years of medical career experience.

My Motivation To Help

I grew up in addiction and untimely followed the same path. Once I had my first child I knew I had to make a change. I sought help, and I was granted an abundance of support.

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Rise and Thrive

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I would like to bring some general positivity to each and everyone's lives. Let us share positive experiences and affirmations.


My Services

One on One Full Focus Peer Support
One on One Peer Support