Melanie Haney

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Hello! I am hoping that my lived experience of depression, anxiety, and abuse will allow others to see the light that I have found. Just because your have mental health challenges doesn’t mean you have to be in a box! Together we will explore all the tools and avenues to achieve our goals! I look forward to talking with you and seeing everyone in groups! Remember: Smiles are contagious and your smile could make the difference in someone’s day!

Willing to help others find local resources

About Melanie Haney


I am a wife, mother, sister, friend, COTA, CPS, Navy Veteran, LGBTQ+ Ally, Hunter, Fisherman, Jeep rider, Camper, PTSD-MST, depression and anxiety survivor and much more. I have a very extensive experience in life and use these experiences as well as the tools in my tools basket to assist others as well as myself through the Challenges of life. I have 28 years medical experience and 3 years Peer experience with groups. My goal in life is to be a digital nomad and live in my camper.


My Recovery Story

Thanks to the cps and the members of the VA PTSD group! From being unable to get out of bed to 3 years later being able to go back to work and save my house and family from ruin.

My Motivation To Help

I enjoy empowering people to reach their goals of the highest level of independence. My grandmother raised me to always give more than you get to help your fellow man.

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This is a place for peers to follow up after Melanie's groups and connect.


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Monday, February 13
06:00 PM EST
Monday, February 20
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Sunday, February 26
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Monday, February 27
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