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Hi, my name is Tim. I was severely injury in combat followed by substance dependency and mental illness which led to serving time in jail. Today I live in line with my values. I aim to give hope to those who are struggling and feel like no one will understand what they are going through.

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About Timothy Long


I am an immigrant to the United States. I have worked as a fire fighter/first responder, a and US ARMY Infantryman, until a severe injury from a roadside bomb blast in Iraq. I've struggled with intravenous opiate addiction that led to lengthy jail sentence. Once I decided to get well, I utilized the GI Bill to earn a degree in Psychology emphasizing in substance abuse counseling then became a certified peer specialist. I have worked for veteran non-profits, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, SMART recovery and several other wellness centers providing support to those who have struggled with similar afflictions. I know what it is like to wake up every day feeling nothing but hopelessness and despair, believing that my only salvation would be suicide. Today I live in line with my values, and I am proud of the person I have become. It is an honor and a pleasure to support those who currently do not have hope in their lives.


My Recovery Story

In recovery from Opiate and Benzodiazepine addiction. I am currently in recovery from combat PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury.

My Motivation To Help

I believe my life was saved by a peer that worked at the Department of Veterans Affairs and since that time I have wanted to be that person for someone else. I believe that sharing similar life experiences helps relate individuals on a level that cannot be achieved in a clinical setting. Working in recovery and helping others gives me sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. Being a peer keeps me living a life of wellness.

My Chatrooms

Combat PTSD: How to cope with moral injury

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This chat is specifically for combat veterans who experience symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Often PTSD stems from a moral injury, or an injury to the human spirt. Following orders and witnessing events that go against our morals and values can leave us feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt and shame that lead to an inability to feel joy, happiness, and love. This group provides a safe space to discuss how we can alleviate this not-adaptive guilt and find joy in our lives.


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