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An Unquiet Mind - Bipolar Group Chat

A place for those with bipolar disorder to discuss with and support each other.

Members: 121

Computer Use for Seniors

Hi. I'm SEARCHING for Peer Support in Computer Use for Seniors. Please assist. Thank You Martha Williams Martie

Members: 19

New Members - Connect with Our CEO

This chat group is monitored by our Co-Founder and CEO Vince Caimano. He would be very pleased to offer you a personal welcome and answer any questions you may have.

Members: 37

Judaism and Mental Health

Using Jewish values to help with mental health recovery.

Members: 15

Get to Know Peer Support Specialist Mason: Ask Me Anything!

Have a burning question you just wish you could ask someone without being ridiculed or negated? That's what Mason created this group for. Would Mason be a good peer support match for you? I don't know, let's chat and find out! If you're interested in a more personal, private chat/meeting, Mason can make that happen. Fellow peer supporters should feel free to ask questions too.

Members: 50

COVID-19 Stress and Anxiety

How are we using our coping skills in this time of great need? How have our lives been disrupted? Let's talk about it.

Members: 36

Stress and Anxiety: NO COVID please

A group for those who want to talk about everyday life and consistent stressors without mention of COVID-19.

Members: 76


Do you have a service dog or an emotional support animal? They are great at detecting anxiety, depression, seizures, etc. Share here how it helps you to have emotional support from your pet.

Members: 26


Are you working from due to COVID-19 and finding it difficult to transition? This is the place to share frustrations and coping strategies for maintaining wellness while working remotely.

Members: 19

Fun ideas

Let's get together and discuss some fun activities

Members: 10

Peer Support Groups with JJ

This is a safe space to ask questions and continue the conversation from JJ's peer support groups.

Members: 25

Special Education Advocacy

Ask the experts about how to be a successful advocate for your child in school K-12.

Members: 6

Trauma & Wellness Recovery Action Plan

A public chat for any questions you may have. I have used the above tags because of my own personal experiences and diagnoses. If there are questions you are uncomfortable asking here, feel free to private chat with me.

Members: 137

Chronic Pain Chat

This group chat is for anyone who suffers from chronic pain. Back/spinal pain, migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, limb pain, rheumatism, etc. However or wherever you deal with chronic pain in your body, join us to discuss the ways it affects us and the challenges it presents in our lives.

Members: 42

Employment Help

Come share your frustrations, successes, and explore potential ways to improve your job, your career, or your overall happiness with work.

Members: 16

ADA - Americans With Disabilities Act

The ADA covers 5 areas of life including employment, business, public accommodation and telecommunications. Learn and share resources here.

Members: 21

Get It Done When You're Depressed (GIDWYD)

This chat is for anyone interested in Get It Done When You’re Depressed: 50 Strategies for Keeping Your Life on Track By Julie A. Fast and John D. Preston, and working through the book in our weekly meetings hosted by Diana and Chance.

Members: 118

This Week's Groups >> Your Week's Playlist

Find this week's meetings. Support Groups, Workshops, and One-on-one sessions. POSTING GUIDELINES: Peer Supporters: Post your upcoming video meetings and workshops for the next 7-10 days only. Members: Got ideas about topic/subject you'd like to see--post it here. No promises it'll happen. At least make your idea known.

Members: 95

Depression Recovery Group for Women

This is a group support chat for women, to compliment the DRG (Depression Recovery Group for Women). We'll be using the same material as well as get more ideas of topics from you to talk about. Just the same as Support Group Central, same time, 7-8:30 on Thursdays with the same facilitators, Diana and Valerie. Come, talk, vent, listen, learn, all the same as before :)

Members: 196

Military Veteran Caregiver Network Chat #caregiverchannel

Members: 8

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