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Schizophrenia Supporters

This is for anyone who is friends or family with someone diagnosed with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder or experiences psychosis. It is difficult to support someone who experiences psychosis, especially when they don't know they are sick. Those of us who support someone struggling with this need support too.

Members: 20

Hoarding/Clutter Support

This group is for anyone who has issues with hoarding or clutter. These behaviors can affect our home, personal and social lives in negative ways. Join us in a safe, supportive space. We are here for each other.

Members: 65

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) Discussion

A safe place for people to talk openly about blood pressure and circulation issues and how they effect mental and physical health.

Members: 24

Female Veteran Support

This is a group for female Veterans to connect, seek, and offer support. Do not join this group unless it applies to you. This is a public group so you could find it, but we can always create a private chat/support group as well. Connect with me for additional support or questions.

Members: 5

Military Sexual Trauma (MST)-Veteran

Join this group to connect with other people that are struggling in this area just like you. Do not enter this group unless this topic applies to you or you are looking for support for someone else.This is a public group so you could find it, but I suggest not sharing in detail unless you feel comfortable. If we get a group that is interested, we can start a private chat/group. Connect with me for additional support or questions.

Members: 8

Stress and Anxiety: NO COVID please

A group for those who want to talk about everyday life and consistent stressors without mention of COVID-19.

Members: 209

Song Wars

Got lyrics? Drop them here! Songs inspire my recovery every day in so many different ways. What's on your playlist that gets you through the day? What's the verse you scream-sing in the car on the way to or back from therapy? What's a song that saves the day every time it plays? User-be-warned, I may spelunk this chat for my own playlist-making purposes! <3

Members: 11

Domestic violence

Members: 105

Eating Disorder Recovery

This group chat is for those who are in recovery from an eating disorder and their families. I am here to provide lived experience and encouragement to all who are on this journey.

Members: 104

nonbinary/genderqueer mental health chat

a group chat for nonbinary/genderqueer people who are living with mental illness. find support from others in a safe, affirming space

Members: 3

Secular Recovery

A place for those without religion/faith to discuss recovery

Members: 11

Working While Receiving SSI or SSDI

Wondering how working affects your benefits? I am a Certified Work Incentives Practitioner trained by Cornell University's Institute on Employment and Disability.

Members: 38

Mental Health and Substance Use Recovery

Are you dealing with both of these challenges? Come get support from others who have more than one diagnosis, and learn how we are beginning to recover!

Members: 101

Life Skills

This is a group to talk about and learn life skills. It can be anything from balancing a checkbook, budgeting, cooking, swapping recipes, laundry/ cleaning tips, setting boundaries, communication skills, how to do a resume, etc.

Members: 6

Chronic Fatigue Support

This group is for anyone who struggles with chronic fatigue, whether you have CFS, another condition that causes chronic fatigue e.g. EBV or chronic pain, or do not have a diagnosis. Join us in a safe, supportive space. We are here for each other.

Members: 100

Grief and loss

Safe space for anyone who has or is experiencing grief or loss, as someone who has lost their father at the age of 19 i am always happy to help others feeling alone in their recovery through grief

Members: 10

Men's Sexual Integrity

This chat is for discussing issues related to men's sexual integrity.

Members: 6

Saving Me

This group chat is for parents who have a mental illness and have a child or children with special needs.

Members: 35

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Find this week's meetings. Support Groups, Workshops, and One-on-one sessions. POSTING GUIDELINES: Peer Supporters: Post your upcoming video meetings and workshops for the next 7-10 days only. Members: Got ideas about topic/subject you'd like to see--post it here. No promises it'll happen. At least make your idea known.

Members: 131

Bipolar I, II Schizophrenia,Borderline personality disorder support chat.

a place for support and chat. one on one sessions offered for free first time clients only. Sliding scale fees available to those with limited income.

Members: 42

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