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attachment disorder/adoption trauma

For those that struggle with being adopted and have attachment disorder. you are not alone. The feelings are normal and are mixed about things lets help each other through this and learn to grow.

Members: 45

Judaism and Mental Health

Using Jewish values to help with mental health recovery.

Members: 23

An Unquiet Mind - Bipolar Group Chat

A place for those with bipolar disorder to discuss with and support each other.

Members: 161

Mania and Spirituality

A place where we can discuss, share, and explore the relationship between mania and spirituality.

Members: 57

Family of those living with Bipolar

If someone you love lives with bipolar disorder, it can begin to take a toll on you as well. I'd like to create a space where we can speak open and honestly about our struggles

Members: 35

Hoarding/Clutter Support

This group is for anyone who has issues with hoarding or clutter. These behaviors can affect our home, personal and social lives in negative ways. Join us in a safe, supportive space. We are here for each other.

Members: 56

Special Education Advocacy

Ask the experts about how to be a successful advocate for your child in school K-12.

Members: 9

Mental Health and Substance Use Recovery

Are you dealing with both of these challenges? Come get support from others who have more than one diagnosis, and learn how we are beginning to recover!

Members: 79

Public Depression Chat

Members: 196

Chronic Illness Chat

This group is open to all who cope with chronic health conditions, however they manifest, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed.

Members: 134

Military Veteran Caregiver Network Chat #caregiverchannel

Members: 10

Brain Injury Support

This chat room is available for individuals to discuss challenges, changes, and triumphs after brain injury.

Members: 9

Military Sexual Trauma (MST)-Veteran

Join this group to connect with other people that are struggling in this area just like you. Do not enter this group unless this topic applies to you or you are looking for support for someone else.This is a public group so you could find it, but I suggest not sharing in detail unless you feel comfortable. If we get a group that is interested, we can start a private chat/group. Connect with me for additional support or questions.

Members: 10

Schizophrenia Supporters

This is for anyone who is friends or family with someone diagnosed with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder or experiences psychosis. It is difficult to support someone who experiences psychosis, especially when they don't know they are sick. Those of us who support someone struggling with this need support too.

Members: 8

Get to Know Peer Support Specialist Mason: Ask Me Anything!

Have a burning question you just wish you could ask someone without being ridiculed or negated? That's what Mason created this group for. Would Mason be a good peer support match for you? I don't know, let's chat and find out! If you're interested in a more personal, private chat/meeting, Mason can make that happen. Fellow peer supporters should feel free to ask questions too.

Members: 72

This Week's Groups >> Your Week's Playlist

Find this week's meetings. Support Groups, Workshops, and One-on-one sessions. POSTING GUIDELINES: Peer Supporters: Post your upcoming video meetings and workshops for the next 7-10 days only. Members: Got ideas about topic/subject you'd like to see--post it here. No promises it'll happen. At least make your idea known.

Members: 118

Parenting in a Pandemic

Come connect with others who have been dealing with the stress of Parenting in a pandemic. There will be no judgement of other's parenting decisions allowed, as we recognize that all decisions are hard right now. Whether your kid is homeschooled, virtual learning, in-person for school, or focusing on surviving, this is the place to connect.

Members: 22

Pine County Connect - Minnesota

Members: 10

Healthy At Every Size

Together we can explore principles of Health At Every Size, respecting body diversity, critical awareness, and compassionate self-care.

Members: 75

Anxiety Support Chat Room (ASCR)

This group is for anyone struggling with anxiety disorders: phobias, social anxiety, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, panic attacks, excessive worry or any other issues with anxiety. All peers and peer supporters are welcome to join. We have a no solicitation/no promotion policy for peer supporters.

Members: 311

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