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Foster Care Alumni Group

As a foster care alumni we often face unique challenges, challenges that extend well into adulthood. Foster Care Alumni are more likely than the general public to struggle with mental illness and addiction. Wondering if there are any former foster kids interested in such a group.

Members: 4

Autism spectrum disorder support group

For people with asd or people who know someone with asd.

Members: 43

Hoarding/Clutter Support

This group is for anyone who has issues with hoarding or clutter. These behaviors can affect our home, personal and social lives in negative ways. Join us in a safe, supportive space. We are here for each other.

Members: 63


This is part of You Are A Old Fart If on Facebook it is a place we can meet and talk about the good old days and have some fun

Members: 7

Food Industry Chat

A safe space for all Food Service Industry professionals to vent, chat, and support each other!

Members: 4

Saving Me

This group chat is for parents who have a mental illness and have a child or children with special needs.

Members: 32

Grief and loss

Safe space for anyone who has or is experiencing grief or loss, as someone who has lost their father at the age of 19 i am always happy to help others feeling alone in their recovery through grief

Members: 5

BIPOLAR WELLNESS: How to Recover from Bipolar Illness

This group is for all who cope with bipolar or mood disorders. Our meetings will work through "BIPOLAR WELLNESS: How to Recover from Bipolar Illness" by Michael Rose.

Members: 160

Left Handed Thinking

Please contact me if you would like to learn how to become ambidextrous in your thinking.

Members: 37

BPD - Living in the grey

Living in the grey.

Members: 27

Chronic Pain Chat

This group chat is for anyone who suffers from chronic pain. Back/spinal pain, migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, limb pain, rheumatism, etc. However or wherever you deal with chronic pain in your body, join us to discuss the ways it affects us and the challenges it presents in our lives.

Members: 82

Gratitude for Better Days

Seems simple enough, but do we really acknowledge and express our gratitude? Can we sit with it for a minute and feel the joy of being thankful? Sometimes a bit of gratitude on a hard day makes it easier to navigate.

Members: 16

SMART Recovery information

I’ve been asked for information about what SMART Recovery is. The first link is a short brief video description.The second has much more detail. There are tons of videos on YouTube. Smart Recovery links Brief Intro The Best of SMART: The Tools (longer video)

Members: 4

Chronic Illness Chat

This group is open to all who cope with chronic health conditions, however they manifest, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed.

Members: 167

Public Depression Chat

Members: 282

Coping with a Recent Diagnosis

A place where we can share, discuss, and support each other as we move through the challenging process of dealing with a recent diagnosis.

Members: 51

Welcome! Randi Goss Facilitator Group Chat

This chat group is my way of saying my door is open to hold space. Lets walk together on the wild ride of life. Stories are powerful. What is yours? I would like to get to know you as I share my lived mental health story and listen to yours.

Members: 17

nonbinary/genderqueer mental health chat

a group chat for nonbinary/genderqueer people who are living with mental illness. find support from others in a safe, affirming space

Members: 1

Name Your Own Crisis (NYOC)

This group is for anyone who is "in crisis", whatever that feels like to you. Does life seem out of control? Are you overwhelmed? Do you need help coping? Join us in a safe, supportive space. We are here for each other.

Members: 321

Brain Injury Support

This chat room is available for individuals to discuss challenges, changes, and triumphs after brain injury.

Members: 25

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