Youth Adult Addiction Recovery Group

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Derek G.
Wednesday, Jun 26, 2024 | 06:30pm - 07:30pm EDT
22 seats remaining
About this meeting
This meeting is only for people ages 18-30. The group provides support from authentic, like-minded peers who are working on their personal growth through seeking intentional habit change in any of the following areas: vaping/smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, social media/internet use, shopping, cutting, exercise, and more. Each meeting features practical skills that you can use to improve your daily life as well as uplifting conversation and inspiration. Participants are welcome to keep their cameras off for comfort and anonymity and to participate as much or as little as they would like.
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    Derek G.

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    Certified Peer Supporter

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  • Co-host

    Jessica S.

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About the host
My sobriety date is February 9th, 2013. I am an alcoholic/addict, and I also have ADHD and Bipolar Disorder Type 1. I'm a certified Adult Peer Support Specialist and Mental Health First Aider. After abusing substances for 20+ years, I got clean and sober and have been working with others on recovery since 2014. I am married and have 5 children. Two of my kids have learning disabilities, anxiety and other emotional behavioral challenges.
Motivation for help
I owe my sobriety and mental health to others who have helped me through the years. I love to give back and have been working in the substance abuse and mental health field for more than 10 years now. Helping others helps me.
Recent reviews
Nancy was great
Jun 28, 2024
this was very helpful thanks for taking the time to talk with me one to one it was nice to be able to relate to someone
May 07, 2024
the meeting never started
Apr 26, 2024
Everything was great
Apr 19, 2024
Rosemary was awesome
Mar 08, 2024
I have been to many DBSA groups and this is the first one with Derek. The group wasn't being led at all. One person would speak and then it would turn into an open forum. There was no response to people's check ins. You couldn't tell if he was listening or not at times. It wasn't a friendly atmosphere compared to other facilitated groups on DBSA. Suggestion would be to have him shadow another facilitator in their group to learn different styles so he can create his own. There just isn't any enthusiasm in what he is doing and the other facilitators have to cover that.
Nov 10, 2023
derek cut off a person that was talking towards the end i think that was really rude even if we went over time should let that person finish talking
Nov 10, 2023
Excellent meeting with Christina!
Nov 10, 2023
Why was I not allowed to enter when I clicked to enter RIGHT at 11 Central time and the group was already locked and I was a registered participant? That is cruel!!! I really needed this group today. I had a horrible Bipolar crisis week and was looking forward to this group!! What is going on?????
Oct 28, 2023
Registration Closed
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