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Certified Peer Supporter

Accepting New Connections

This will be a safe space, stigma and judge free environment for those living with mental health disorders who may need non-clinical 1:1 coaching/support. Together this is OUR space, and here you will find support, education, hope, healing, mental wellness and a path to recovery.

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About Jessica Smith


I am a Mental Health professional, speaker, advocate, educator and crisis counselor. I am a Certified Georgia State Peer Specialist for Mental Health. I am currently pursuing my degree in Psychology to become a licensed Therapist. I am a DBSA Certified Facilitator for the Atlanta Metro Chapter (Depression Bipolar Support Alliance), a Peer-to-Peer teacher and IOOV Presenter for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). I am a Georgia Peer Policy Collective who works with other collectives and legislatives to raise awareness, advocate and lift mental health policy changes in the state of Georgia. Additionally, I have completed certifications and trainings in the following: Life Coaching, Trauma Informed Care for Clinical Providers, Preventing Suicide in Emergency Departments, Substance Use and Trauma, and Trauma Informed Care for Individuals with IDD. Please note, although I am a certified peer specialist, mental health professional and psychology student; I am not presently a licensed Therapist nor Psychiatrist and encourage all to continue with those services in addition to the support I offer.


My Recovery Story

I pray, meditate, write, and spend time exploring nature. I prioritize my wellness, as it is vital to my continued recovery journey.

My Motivation To Help

My passion has always been to advocate, inspire, counsel, support, and encourage those who have mental health disorders. I desire to support others in living their best healthy and authentic lives, freely!

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