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Learning to trust our heart, mind, intuition can be a fearful process. I've used many modalities and tools to help me get to a place of understanding of what my internal strengths are and to have a trusting relationship with myself and my close supports. Helping others find theirs is something I truly enjoy doing. My credentials are life, peer and wellness certifications, Reiki, as well as lots of studying, reading and spending time with emotionally wounded horses. I'm truly thankful you've made it here.


Recovery Story

For me it is about balance and what that looks like. Life can be challenging, difficulties rise, things get messy. I have routines in place that help me stay sure-footed, early morning practices, meditation, water, Qi gong, coffee, Reiki, quiet time....

My Motivation To Help

There was a point in my life in my forties when the only support I had was the system. I didn't know about peer support. My life experiences with others who struggled was that no one ever 'got better', this caused a great deal of distress and fear. I've learned life, while difficult at times, can be good too, when we have a bit of hope and vision.

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Diana Babcock HPC Facilitator Chat Group

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Depression Recovery for Women, trauma, one to ones, spiritual crisis, substance use and more. I post links to the groups here in the chat. Please feel free to join and ask questions or simply connect. Here is a link to my bio: https://www.heypeers.com/peer_supporters/1377

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