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Hi and welcome to Hey Peers. Give yourself a few minutes to breathe this moment in, the journey you've been on that got you here. Ask questions, check out the groups and peer supporter profiles, see what's a good fit for you. If you would like to schedule a 1:1 reach out through the chat feature or email me at Wilowispaperio@yahoo.com to figure out a time, I have more flexibility than what shows here.

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About Diana Babcock


I'm sitting here with my hands clasped in front of my nose trying to figure out words to write about me. Lots of life has passed through this human body I inhabit. Babies born, womb loss, laughter, tears, abundance, lack, homelessness, a home to live in, bus rider and car driver, eating well and not eating so my kids could, drug use, getting sober, psychiatric lockups and freedom from the psychiatric system, the loss of my voice because of child abuse and finding my voice as an adult. EMDR therapy, intensive case management services. Now, my hands are not clasped because I am typing the about me, which is, I've come to understand, always a work in progress.


My Recovery Story

Life journeys, so unique! Mine is kind of like a patchwork quilt, a piece from here, a piece from there, some pieces have extra meaning, every piece has value, even the most difficult ones. All of me is important, physical, emotional, spiritual. I do things that help me live with hope and gratitude, that help me stay away from self-judgment and criticism. Marshall Rosenberg's Non-Violent Communication helps me to be gentle and compassionate with myself. In social speak, I'm clean, I'm sober, I'm living a life free from street drugs and the psychiatric system. I'm living life like a champion :)

My Motivation To Help

Being with people as they learn to value themselves is wonderful to watch, be a part of.

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