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Easy? No! Worth it? Yes! Some tools I've found helpful in creating a routine of wellness and balance are WRAP, Reiki, creating a strong support network, acupuncture, diet, art, music, movement (Qigong). animals, especially horses, my camera and water, lots of water! Bob Marley: "Though the road's been rocky, it sure feels good to me..."


Recovery Story

For me it is about balance and what that looks like. Life can be challenging, difficulties rise, things get messy. I have routines in place that help me stay sure-footed, early morning practices, meditation, water, Qi gong, coffee, Reiki, quiet time....

My Motivation To Help

There was a point in my life when the only support I had was the system, I didn't know about peer support and my life experiences with others who struggled was that no one ever 'got better'. I learned otherwise through some really difficult self-work which has brought me to this time. If there is something I've learned over this lifetime that is of value to others, I want to share it. I also want to learn from others what they have done to find and sustain balance in their lives.

My Chatrooms

Depression Recovery Group for Women

Members: 272

This is a group support chat for women, to compliment the DRG (Depression Recovery Group for Women). We'll be using the same material as well as get more ideas of topics from you to talk about. Just the same as Support Group Central, same time, 7-8:30 on Thursdays with the same facilitators, Diana and Valerie. Come, talk, vent, listen, learn, all the same as before :)

Peer support with Diana Babcock

Members: 92

I am a Hey Peers Certified Facilitator. On this platform I hold a variety of Depression Recovery groups, Trauma support, WRAP, and one to ones. This chat is to make it easier for people to connect with the groups I am facilitating. Please feel free to join and ask questions or connect with me and others. You can mute the chat notifications and also sign up for email notifications too. Welcome!

Upcoming meetings

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