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A bit about me: Professional stuff: I have been a NYS Certified Peer Specialist for eight years, a Copeland Center trained WRAP© (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) facilitator eleven years and a Copeland Center Trained Advanced Level WRAP© facilitator six years. I've been with Support Group Central over four years as a group leader and 1 to 1 peer supporter and now get to transition to our new platform, Hey Peers! Personal stuff: How do we find and hold on to hope in a practical and useful sense when things become difficult and while being true to who we are as unique individuals? In remembering the times when I had no hope, life was dealing some pretty hard challenges, it was good to have those who supported me while I figured things out. Because of this I found my voice and learned to say "I know me best". Favorite quote: "Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can" ~ Arthur Ashe Really personal stuff: I love horses, my camera and fair trade chocolate :)


Recovery Story

I believe recovery looks different for each person, as we are all unique. I am thankful for the depth of my personal work over the years as it has given me good insight, taught me to value my experiences and helped me create what I need to stay healthy and balanced.


Hello everyone, it's really cool you've found your way here! I'm offering a space to listen, share a bit of my own personal story if it's helpful and some time and space to figure things out.

My Motivation To Help

My motivation for being a peer supporter is two-fold. I have a great deal of personal experience that life can be challenging and I love to learn from others ways of dealing with those challenges.

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Hi. I'm SEARCHING for Peer Support in Computer Use for Seniors. Please assist. Thank You Martha Williams Martie