Pamela "Firefly" S.

Certified Peer Supporter

Accepting New Connections

We all have our own paths, journeys, challenges, victories and beliefs. I want to be able to support you along your way. You have the power to make the choices you feel that needs to be changed, worked on, and be proud of. Here at HeyPeers, attending any groups I have or 1;1 individual support meetups. Lets come together and communicate what you want to do to be the best you can possibly be in the life you were always meant to have if you work towards it. Its exciting to see you here! I cant wait to see where you'll go. Don't Give Up! See You Soon!!

Willing to help others find local resources

About Pamela "Firefly" Stikeleather mhfa, nccpss


I believe in making a Choice to take a Chance on yourself for whatever Change you need, want in your journey around your life. My journey has been 20 plus years. I renew my NCCPSS every 2 years. I have a story to share but i want to listen to yours first. I'm here to Support you, Listen and do what i can to support those who want a life the have always had, just didn't know how to accomplish that task. Its hard work to go for change. If you are serious you can accomplish your goals one step at a time. Practice makes Progress Not Perfection. 1;1 Support Available. Let's Do This!


My Recovery Story

I have been Journeying on the Recovery Path For a total of 23 years.

My Motivation To Help

Motivation For Help for yourself can be extremely hard. It was for me. The let downs, the uncomfortable feelings of shame, guilt, or not knowing exactly what to do. I would like to extend a hand to support you with motivation. Practice Makes Progress Not Perfection. Motivation is climbing the most Challenging Mountain having time of support, selfcare, skills, learning, growing along the way, and coming to the top of the mountain the person you Grew to be. Confidence, Beliefs, Understanding, Education, Self-Love.

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